We believe that the right makeup gives women that Instant Confidence Boost.

Our brand, M&Co. Cosmetics, is dedicated to creating Confident and Empowered Women by providing them with World-Class quality cosmetics at affordable prices & Beauty Business opportunities that will beautify and change their lives.

We believe that Beauty is all about giving women the power to express themselves and who they want to be. We aim to give our members and customers high-quality cosmetics and beauty products at affordable prices, that fits perfectly for every woman.

High quality beauty doesn’t have to be expensive. Here at M&Co. Cosmetics, our Campaign is about helping women find confidence in their own unique beauty – So our line of products was designed to always have something perfect for every woman.

When a woman is confident in her own beauty and in who she truly is, she radiates her confidence from the inside-out. That’s what truly makes a woman beautiful and inspiring.

“You want to look at a woman’s face and think
“She looks stunning”, not “She’s wearing makeup.”

– Lisa Storey, Celebrity Makeup Artist

M&Co. Cosmetics currently has over 500,000+ distributors nationwide, with 3 Major Headquarters located in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao City.